Season two: Lanier

Episode 1 – The Corner store

Katie Davis takes us on a walk she has taken hundreds of times. Down Lanier Place to a corner store in Adams Morgan. It’s been called Wayne’s, Mattie’s and the Kim’s and each era has different stories. Katie Davis collects history on the street she grew up on in Washington D.C.– the street she still lives on. It’s a familiar walk, and yet one that constantly brings new revelations and lessons.

Episode 2 – Mayor of Adams morgan

A lot of people just walked by the man on his porch. Turns out that John, the porch sitter, was the thread that kept his block together. Neighbors called him the Mayor of Adams Morgan, and they knew he wouldn’t let things get out of hand on his street. Meet this unexpected hero.

Episode 3 – Bring It Home

People know who causes trouble on their block. Who goes to jail or prison. Some criminals though return to the scene of their crimes to try to undo. We follow the story of Bobby, as he tries to make things right by coaching a little league baseball team in Adams Morgan.

Episode 4 – Snake Hill

A kid on a bike can go places and discover a neighborhood. Pedaling slow and pushing fast, they have perfect balance and the thrill of floating free down a steep hill known as “Snake Hill.” They feel free and in control. Katie Davis shares stories of a Fix-a-Bicycle summer camp that started on Lanier in July 2000.

Episode 5 – The Park

At the end of Lanier, there is a park that began as wilderness that was walked by Native Americans. Then it was farmed, and later became home to two burial grounds. In the 1960’s, neighbors took control of the land and made a park. We go to the park in this episode- to Walter Pierce Park.

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