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Through engaging public humanities-based programming that reflects the diversity of our city, HumanitiesDC aims to inspire, educate, and promote understanding across communities and cultures. In partnership with area institutions, experts and scholars, we create unique and inviting spaces where participants can actively learn, and exchange ideas. Come be part of the conversation.

[The event] was fantastic! I loved the overall balance of presentation, panel, and discussion, and the chance to think/learn more about DC’s complex cultural and economic histories. Thank you so much.

Susanna S.

Our Public Program Goals

We design and conduct our programs with these PRIMARY goals in mind:

Create gathering places for the general public to actively engage with the humanities.

Encourage further self-directed exploration and research of program participants.

Highlight the work of local experts, educators, scholars and students within the field.

Foster greater understanding, interest, accessibility and appreciation for the humanities.

Our Practice in Action

At HumanitiesDC we strive to:

  • Create relevant, diverse, and inclusive programming for all residents to participate in, learn from, and enjoy;
  • Design our collection of programs to be available and accessible to a broad audience;
  • Elevate the voices of historically marginalized groups;
  • Receive feedback from all involved in order to improve on future endeavors.

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