Mark Boss

Mark Boss has lived in Washington, DC since he moved from Los Angeles, California, and enrolled at Howard University in August of 1985. He married a native Washingtonian; bought a house in Ward 1; raised two exceptional children and sent them both through DCPS. And he pays local and federal taxes, without representation. Still, these bona fides do not make him a Washingtonian (as his wife and children like to remind him). But he loves DC and the native Washingtonians that make up this incredible little southern town none the less. He has worked in the non-profit, for profit and federal sector, throughout his career, and each position he has held has in some way supported children and families. Mark is also a reader, and loves supporting all the local independent bookstores in the city. On any given day, you can find Mark commuting to and from work on his bike (rain or snow), and on any given weekend, you will find Mark, his wife, and their dog on long walks throughout the city on the search for the perfect croissant.