About HumanitiesDC

HumanitiesDC believes that we can transform our lives though the power art, music, architecture, literature, history and culture. These are the humanities – the things that shape us as individuals and bind us as a community.

Washington, DC has a treasured cultural legacy that spans generations, but many residents and communities are concerned that its legacy will vanish as the landscape of the District changes. People fear being lost or forgotten as development makes their neighborhoods unfamiliar and they have a deep need to have their stories told, honored and preserved. HumanitiesDC heard those concerns 40 years ago and, since then, has been creating opportunities for people to share their histories and hopes for the future.

HumanitiesDC has something for everyone. Historians – or anyone curious about DC’s history – can access our DC Digital Museum for information or inspiration. Amateur and professional filmmakers and oral historians can create a project that will be supported, promoted and archived by HumanitiesDC. Residents – new and old – are welcome to attend a project screening or Humanitini to learn about DC’s rich cultural history. And young leaders can participate in programs that help them learn where they come from and shape their community’s future.

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting Washington, DC’s distinctive culture and history. Since 1980, HumanitiesDC has been exploring the District’s unique art, music, literature, history and culture that have shaped the past and builds the future. HumanitiesDC provides grants, youth leadership and civic engagement programs to advance cultural, educational and community-based initiatives.

Through programs like the DC Oral History Collaborative and the DC Digital Museum, HumanitiesDC uses technology to preserve the personal and physical history of the District, keeping alive the people and places that have witnessed the District’s changing landscape.

Through grant programs like DC DOCS Partnerships, Soul of the City and the Humanities Vision Partnership, HumanitiesDC supports people and projects that contribute to the District’s future.

Special thanks to Double R Productions for the production of the video above.