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HumanitiesDC is hiring a Public Relations Associate to research, write and publish all routine public communications such as social media posts, website updates, press releases, listserv announcements, and newsletters.

Job Category


The PR Associate position is responsible for researching, writing, and publishing all routine public communications such as social media posts, website updates, press releases, listserv announcements, and newsletters. This role works with other positions in the organization to produce and disseminate content across a variety of platforms which serves to: increase audiences for grants and programs, increase public awareness of HumanitiesDC’s activities,inform potential donors,and ensure all HumanitiesDC’s constituents are adequately informed about how to engage with the organization.

Description of Duties

Content Production and Dissemination


  • Develops an annual communications plan for all planned activities to be submitted for board approval at the October board meeting.
  • Conducts research on upcoming HumanitiesDC activities and grantee events throughout the year using the data to update the annual communications plan.
  • Writes and distributes regular content for social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Monitors all active platforms and responds promptly to interactions.
  • Writes and distributes regular content for website.
  • Creates Eventbrite registration pages for all events requiring RSVPs.
  • Writes content for and serves as editor for the monthly e-newsletter.
  • Writes and distributes targeted listserv posts.
    • Conducts annual audit of listserv inventory, removing those that are no longer active or relevant in favor of new ones that are.
  • Writes and distributes targeted press releases.
    • Develops and maintains a list of press contacts.
  • Ensures routine placements in local media. This may include: mentions in print media, blogs, radio shows, podcasts, television, or listserv posts.

Percentage of Time

  • 90%

Performance Standards

  • Minimum per day: two Facebook posts, 5 tweets (3 original), one Instagram post. Meets these quotas 90% of the time.
  • Ensures that dates, deadlines, and upcoming programs up-to-date on website 100% of the time.
  • Website features at least one new post about a HumanitiesDC program or grant funded project every two weeks 100% of the time.
  • Sends monthly e-newsletter on time 100% of the time.
  • Garners at least 10 placements per month 85% of the time.

Proofreading and Editing


  • Reviews all staff-produced, public-facing content for accurate spelling, correct grammar, and clarity.

Percentage of Time

  • 10%

Performance Standards

  • Reviewed materials published without errors 95% of the time.



  • Use strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with local media, HumanitiesDC grantees, and program partners.
  • Mastery of social media platforms and concepts. Mastery of WordPress. Mastery of Constant Contact.


  • Develop and maintain knowledge of local, community, and neighborhood media cycles.
  • Knowledge of social media and website user habits.


  • Proactively seeks information and materials needed to develop and disseminate content.
  • Is dedicated to accomplishing assigned tasks, but also creative about how the tasks are accomplished.
  • Willing to accept constructive critiques of work produced.
  • Always seeking to improve upon existing knowledge and skills.
  • Produce error-free work.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Stephanie Scott at to apply.