“As our city grows and changes there is much to celebrate.  But one thing that we must always remember to celebrate is our wonderful neighborhoods and the people who work to rebuild and enhance the quality of life in the city.  With funding and support from the Humanities Council of Washington, DC  LISC is able to offer audio oral histories that tell the stories of neighborhood revitalization and the role of community development trailblazers.” 
– Oramenta Newsome, Executive Director of LISC

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What can the humanities do for the Nation’s Capital? 
At HumanitiesDC we ask this question often. This year is our 35th Anniversary – a time when we can really dig deep into this question to plan our next 35 years. This is a year for us to dream bigger dreams for what our city can become through the thoughtful stewardship of the humanities disciplines. With your support, we can push the boundaries of what the humanities can do for Washington, DC.

Can HumanitiesDC help strengthen community identity?

We’ve seen a wide range of innovative programs come to life through our Who’s a picWashingtonian grant program, such as The Center for Inspired Teaching’s “Real World History” project. This project brings students from across the District together to study The Great Migration, an essential element to understanding DC history. 

Can we foster civic engagement? 

Our Humanitinis bring Washingtonians together to discuss our contemporary society and its historical roots. We use this fun, conversational program to build bridges between diverse residents and provide a platform for civic reflection informed by scholarship and research. These young (and often new) residents gain a better understanding and appreciation of the city; and the more they love this city, the more substantive their contributions to the District will be.  

Can we create the future of our city by cultivating young leaders?
Our Soul of the City program has helped DC students perfect their leadership skills for years. Participants in the Soul of the City program research humanities subjects relevant to their community, with expert guidance from scholars and guest speakers. They compile their research into walking tours, brochures, and music videos to present to the public. More importantly, we teach them leadership and workplace readiness skills along the way.

We’re using our programs and grants to answer these larger questions. But we’re dreaming big dreams for the future. This year, we’re expanding our Soul of the City program to triple the number of students we serve. We’re offering more Humanitinis than ever before, and we desperately want to increase the number of grants that we offer to small, hardworking non-profits. To make all of that possible, we need your support. We hope you will consider giving a gift of any amount to HumanitiesDC this year to help us dream big, increase our impact, and discover all the ways the humanities can improve your life.  

Dream with us. Click to donate today, and tell us what you believe the humanities can do to improve the city. We need your vision and your financial support to advance the humanities in the District. Your passion for this city, and our work, will make all of our dreams possible.

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Joy Ford Austin

Executive Director