The Humanities Council of Washington, DC is seeking nominations for board members. All nominees must be residents of the District of Columbia. Nominations should be accompanied by: a resume and a letter explaining why the nominee would be a valuable addition to the Board. Nominees can be recommended or self nominated.

Board Members are appointed for a three-year term, with re-nomination possible for a second term. Commitments include

• Stewardship of this 34 year old organization that provides humanities programs and grants to city residents

• Financial support

• A passion for promoting the humanities

Benefits include outstanding opportunities to connect with people across the city who are civically engaged and enjoy participating in the city’s life.

In electing individuals to serve, the Council strives for geographical and ethnic representation, and for balance between academic and public spheres. From the academic sector, the Board elects teachers, scholars, and educational executives. Public nominees represent a variety of professional backgrounds, including but not limited to business, labor, law, technology, public relations, and cultural and civic organizations. Board Members serve without compensation.


Please e-mail your information by January 31st to:

Mr. Gregory Jefferson, Chair, Nominations Committee, Humanities Council of Washington, DC, jaustin[at]wdchumanities[dot]org