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The perfect socially-engaged poem can elevate the impact of an awareness-building event, a lesson plan, a vigil, or a protest. But finding the right poem — that can be a challenge.

“Poems of Provocation and Witness” Poetry Reading and Workshop is a Humanities, Arts & Technology Festival program presented as part of the fall event series, funded through Humanities DC, the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities & the Deputy Mayor’s office for Planning and Economic Development. 

This workshop is an unveiling of Split This Rock’s soon-to-be-launched online poetry database and the many ways it serves as a resource for event planners, activists, teachers and anyone wanting to use poetry to strengthen our community. The workshop will include an overview of the database, filled with over 250 poems that stand witness to injustice, the beautiful diversity of humanity, and the ways that words can provoke necessary change for our wounded world. Poetry will be shared by Dan Vera, celeste doaks and Gayle Danley: all poets who are featured in the database. Workshop will conclude with a poetry writing exercise led by celeste doaks.