Mobility, Migration and Movement in Washington DC

On Friday November 2nd, HumanitiesDC in collaboration with the Historical Society of Washington will explore themes related to “Mobility, Migration, and Movement,” including the creation of Metro, the impact of migration to the region, and the bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Douglass, a man for whom mobility meant an escape to freedom. This special edition of our Humanitini series will kick of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.’s 45th Annual History Conference, a series of forums that encourage discussion and exploration into our city’s rich heritage.

The conference will span two days (Nov. 2nd, Nov 4th) and will examine the the complex meanings of mobility, migration, and movement in a city that has witnessed the Great Migration of African Americans and has the second largest community of El Salvadoran residents in the United States. Tickets are limited, so register soon!

Location: Soapstone Market

Time: 5:00-6:30pm