This month’s Humanitini will explore the unique language and dialects of Washington, DC!

Join us at The Coupe (3415 11th Street, NW) on Thursday, March 27, from 6:30-8:30pm for another Humanitini; where happy hour meets the humanities!

This discussion will explore DC’s culture through its unique language known as DC Speak. A


Dr. Schilling and the LCDC team. (From

panel of linguistics experts panel will examine how DC Speak developed, how it has changed over time and how it contributes to building a sense of community in Washington. The panelists, in a brief presentation, will also demonstrate DC Speak.

The panel will feature Dr. Natalie Schilling, Associate Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University and director of the Language and Communication in Washington, DC (LCDC), research project, and Minnie Annan, LCDC Project Coordinator.

Through poll-by-text, the panel will also be able to quiz the audience on their familiarity with the vocabulary, pronunciation, and phrasing, that give DC Speak its unique flavor. You can literally lend your voices and your insight to the discussion!

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This program is presented in partnership with Georgetown University’s Department of Linguistics.