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Hola Cultura is a veteran HumanitiesDC grant recipient—and it’s no wonder! With their exciting work in the DC Latino community spanning journalism, research, and youth education, they embody our commitment to community heritage, history, and culture. Check out their latest work on the Latino History Project here.


In their words: Hola Cultura is a vibrant, multifaceted nonprofit based in Washington, DC, that celebrates the arts and contributions of Latinos in Washington, D.C. By acknowledging the Latino community’s rich cultural heritage, we help create alternative narratives that challenge the stereotypes. On our website and at our events, we showcase talented D.C. Latinos and serve as “cultural translators” to our wider local community interested in Latin culture in the nation’s capital.


With the support of HumanitiesDC, Hola Cultura recently completed another season of the Latino History Project, which takes an in-depth look at Latino communities living in the district. Over the summer, Hola Cultura’s team of student reporters, researchers and cartographers spent six weeks investigating Washington D.C.’s changing Latino settlement patterns. They interviewed longtime residents, examined U.S. Census data, and built spreadsheets and online maps, focusing on changes taking place since 2010. This work built on the the 2015 season of the Latino History Project, which took a more historical view, focusing on the creation of DC’s Latino neighborhoods over the last few decades.


Visit Hola Cultura online to learn more about their work at