HumanitiesDC is now accepting applications for the following grant programs:

Humanitini Curator Grant – HumanitiesDC is offering the opportunity for you to present your original humanities research through the Humanitini Curator Grant. Each Curator creates a public humanities event based on their research or area of expertise. As part of the application, prospective curators need to fully describe this research topic, and where it is situated within a wider humanities field. Applicants may request up to $5,000.

DC Community Heritage Project Grant – The DC Community Heritage Project (DCCHP) Grant provides residents and groups at the grassroots level the chance to capture the culture and narratives of their own communities through public humanities projects, such as: written publications, documentary films, websites, lesson plans, tours, and many more. As part of the grant program, these projects are also showcased annually in a culminating event. Applicants may request up to $10,000.

DC DOCS Partnership Grant – Washington, DC, as we know it today, has a treasured cultural legacy that spans generations. HumanitiesDC is committed to supporting projects that breathe life into the unique stories of our rich communities. DC DOCS provides financial resources to established filmmakers interested in telling a humanities story about Washington, DC through a documentary feature (greater than 40 minutes long) or short film (capped at 40 minutes including credits). Applicants may request up to $35,000.

Humanities Vision Partnership Grant – Help us create exciting public humanities programs for the people of Washington, DC! HumanitiesDC’s Humanities Vision Grants provide financial resources to community organizations interested in creating innovative interpretations of humanities scholarship for public audiences. Applicants may request between $5,000 and $30,000.

These awards are granted with funds from the Washington, DC government via the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Humanities Grant Program.

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Photo Credit: Funk Parade Historian Bernard Demczuk leads the Black Broadway Mural Tour to the historic Industrial Bank, featuring “The Resurrection” jazz mural by Aniekan Udofia. Photo courtesy of The MusicianShip.
Photo by Michael Harrison of Michael Harrison Photography