The DC Arts Advocates will be holding its annual Arts Advocacy Day on Saturday, April 25th. This is a large-scale public event, which will encourage DC leaders to integrate the arts and humanities more firmly into urban planning and priorities for funding for FY16.  As you know, cultural institutions play a large role in the economic and social fabric of a city. This day will be dedicated to illuminating that concept for both thought leaders and the general-public.

The event will start out with several keynote speakers including Kay Kendall, Chair of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities; Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Executive Director of the DC Public Libraries; Ed Lazere, Executive Director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute; Andrew Taylor Associate Professor, Department of Performing Arts at American University; Andrew Garber, ANC Commissioner of 6D; and Joy Ford Austin, Executive Director of HumanitiesDC; among others.


Following the keynote speakers, we will have a panel discussion entitled “Strategies to Advance the Creative Economy.” Please join several innovative and creative leaders for a participatory discussion on how we can move DC’s creative economy forward. The panel will feature:


Moderator: Lynn Jennings, Board Member of HumanitiesDC

Andy Shallal from Busboys and Poets

George Koch from the Center for the Creative Economy

Eric Shutt from iStrategy Labs

Shana Glickfield from the DC Chapter of the Awesome Foundation

Adam Zuckerman from Fosterly

And scholar and writer, Natalie Hopkinson


Following the panel, there will be an Arts Leaders’ Luncheon from noon to 1pm, where attendees may mix and mingle with our keynote and panel speakers to continue the conversation.

In the afternoon, there will be a 2-hour “unconference” session dedicated to discussing cultural public policy issues and crowd sourcing the future of arts and cultural advocacy efforts. Anyone can propose a session, so long as they are willing to start the conversation! Attendees can sign-up to attend/run the proposed sessions before lunch. Arts Advocacy Day will conclude with a recap of the discussions in order to create policy recommendations, which the DC Arts Advocates will use as a blue print for further advocacy efforts, events, and meetings.


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