The DC Community Heritage Project’s House History Day workshops help residents learn the history of their homes and neighborhoods. On Saturday, August 23 we held our second House History Day for 2014 at the Martin Luther King Jr., Library: 133 residents took part in morning and afternoon sessions. Attendees learned about archival maps, building databases, historic photographs, microfiche, the DC Digital Museum and neighborhood context. After sessions at the library were complete, attendees toured the Historical Society and learned additional research tools and resources.

Photography Credit: Anne McDonough, Collections Manager for the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. 

Special thanks to our program leaders.
Historical Society of Washington, D.C. held a tour of their facilities and taught attendees research tools and techniques. Archival maps was led by historian and former Chair of the Committee of 100 Don Hawkins. Historic Building Permit Database was led by Historian, Author, and Tour Leader, Brian Kraft. Photo Archives was led by Photo Librarian at the DCPL Washingtoniana Division, Michele Casto. Microfilm Records was led by Historian and Archivist Jerry McCoy of the DCPL Washingtoniana Division. Neighborhood Context/DC Digital Museum was led by David Quick Project Director for the Neighborhood Farm Initiative Oral History Project and Humanities Council of Washington, DC Curator of Digital Collections Jasper Collier.