This event has been postponed due to inclement weather!

YDCDMLangdonOn February 21, 2015, the Your DC Digital Museum program will set up shop at the Langdon Park Recreation Center (2901 20th Street, NE)! We’ll bring scanners, cameras, and other equipment to digitize community members’ personal historic archives on the spot. Originals will be returned to their owners along with a flash drive full of digital copies! The digitized material will also be added to the DC Digital Museum, Washington’s ever-growing catalog of the city’s history and culture. The program will run from 12-3pm and there is no cost to participate. Register at to let us know you’re coming and to expedite your experience.

Don’t think you have anything worth sharing? Think again! We are looking for family photos, images of the city both old and new, small objects that speak to everyday life in the District, diary pages, correspondence, ticket stubs, play bills, sketches, anything that tells a story about the past. If you still can’t think of anything, tell your neighbor, your parents, your grandparents, or anyone else who may want to participate. All donors will also have the opportunity to record a brief oral history during which they can talk about their donation, the history of the neighborhood, or their own experiences as a Washingtonian.

We hope to see you there!