Double Nickels is a theatre company on a mission. Through the medium of “reminiscence theatre,” they are committed to honoring and celebrating the legacies of DC’s seniors and veterans.

Since 2006, Double Nickels Theatre Company, led by Antoinette Ford, has gathered and performed oral histories from numerous communities across DC, using performance to educate both audience and actors. In their Age Exchange program, for example, seniors share life stories and communicate with members of younger generations. The younger generations learn from their elders and perform their stories, gaining new perspectives and a greater appreciation for the past through the arts.

Double Nickels has received enthusiastic support from HumanitiesDC, including a recent “Who’s A Washingtonian?” award. This grant supported their Mobile Porch performances of oral histories gathered at Mayfair Mansions—one of the first communities build by and for African Americans in DC. Home to prominent figures like Thurgood Marshall and Marvin Gaye.

The “Who’s A Washingtonian?” grant helped Double Nickels to and their partners to capture the many rich stories of Mayfair Mansions, taking them “on tour” across DC on their Mobile Porch. The oral histories were performed at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Northwest Washington, the Wardman Court Apartment complex, The Oxon Run Overlook in Southeast Washington, and Howard University, providing access to people unable to travel, as well as opportunities to make connections with new neighbors.

Double Nickels can be found performing at events and venues across the city. This summer alone, they performed at the DC Duck Race in the Southwest Waterfront and the Lotus Festival at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, while developing a performance with the Seafarers Yacht Club, to be performed at the Phillips Collection.

Double Nickels represents the very best of our DC cultural community. From their commitment to preserving our local history, to lifting up the voices of the underserved, to promoting dialogue across generations—Double Nickels greatly enriches the cultural life of our city.

Thank you for all that you do, Double Nickels! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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