Greek-letter organizations, sororities and fraternities, are steeped in over 100 years of tradition and an indelible part of the Black Community. They create lifelong relationships in sisterhood, brotherhood, and community service.

The Divine 9, nine of the oldest black Greek-letter organizations, constitute a social and professional network with the breadth of LinkedIn, but with the depth and loyalty of a family. More than half of these organizations were founded right here in DC at Howard University.

Over one million young people are currently active members of Greek-letter organizations around the world, including 6,500 in Washington, DC.

The rites, rituals, and traditions of each sorority and fraternity are what give them their unique character. On August 3rd we will explore how traditions have changed throughout the years, how those traditions have been adopted by other organizations (and to what effect), and, broadly, what Greek life means to the Black Community.