Lincoln Park, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. in 1912. Image courtesy: DC Public Library via DIGDC

Team up with HumanitiesDC and the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop to make your mark on Capitol Hill history! Bring your personal historic memorabilia to be digitized on Saturday, December 12 from 1-4pm at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. We will add the digital files to the DC Digital Museum, and return the originals to you along with digital copies on a flash drive. The gloves you wore while turning the soil at the community garden. A weathered DC Transit token. A photograph of you and your neighbors at Sherril’s. Anything you’ve been saving that has a special significance or personal historic value could be that missing piece of the story for a researcher, student, or educator.



Lightboxes, digital cameras, and flatbed scanners help us document and preserve almost anything donors bring!

The HumanitiesDC staff, along with a team of trained volunteers (click here to join the volunteer team), will carefully scan or photograph donors’ treasures. All originals will then be returned, along with high resolution digital images. Donors will then be invited to record brief oral history interviews about their submissions.

If you’re not sure what to bring, stop by, talk with donors as they make their contributions, and the conversation may help you see that attic or basement clutter in a whole new light!

The digital materials collected at this event will be part of the DC Digital Museum collection. The archive is a growing collection of digitized and born digital content related to history, life, and culture in Washington, DC. Items submitted to the collection receive a Creative Commons license restricting use in commercial works, but your contribution may help a non-profit filmmaker tell a story, a scholar finish an article, or may help a neighbor gain a better understanding of Capitol Hill’s rich legacy.


We are actively seeking volunteer help for this event. YDCDM volunteers can participate in a variety of ways including:

  • helping donors fill out forms and document their items.
  • digitizing historic artifacts.
  • recording oral histories.
  • interviewing oral history narrators.
  • helping participants move from station to station.

All volunteers are invited to attend an optional training workshop on December 1st to prepare for the December 12th event.