This Month: The Intersection of Punk & Go-Go Music in DC

The music scene in DC is varied and original. DC gave birth to go-go and punk music, and hosts a surprising number of local labels and innovative performance spaces. This panel will examine the cultural intersections between the District’s go-go and punk scenes. Where do the two musical genres overlap, and what sort of innovations have emerged?

What is Humanitini?

Humanitini is an exciting happy hour event where Washington’s movers, shakers, and creators come together to think and drink. It is a place for you to engage with your peers, meet your neighbors, and speak with experts about what makes our city a unique place to live and play.

What is your DC?

DC has always been a city of change, forward-thinking even as we struggle with and celebrate the complexities of our past. Now, our city is evolving faster than ever before, and we want to capture the excitement of our vibrant communities where culture is created every day. Join us for the 2017 Humanitini series as we explore our city and ask the question: “What is your DC?”