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This has been an unprecedented year punctuated by moments of extraordinary hope and extreme challenges. While the coronavirus pandemic has devastated our communities’ health and economic well-being, the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others, sparked a series of ongoing protests and are forcing many to confront the systemic racism deeply entrenched in the institutions that make up present-day American society against the backdrop of a historic presidential election.  Our shared history is made by individuals. The individual stories and remembrances of nurses, teachers, parents, students, poll workers, protesters, social workers, and countless others will define these times. Preserving these voices are crucial to ensuring that the lessons of these times are not forgotten in the decades and generations to come.

Funding Scope:

Successful applications will propose projects and initiatives that seek to document and preserve the stories of individuals who been on the metaphorical or literal frontlines of recent major historical events. This may include, but is not limited to, recent struggles for racial justice, the fight against COVID-19, and the 2020 election.  These stories may document food and supply shortages, they may document marches, elections or voting experiences, they may be stories of work, they may be stories of family. Our aim is to create space for the Washington, DC community to preserve and interpret their collective memories. Projects may seek to document these stories as one-on-one interviews, they may seek to collect self-recorded audio or video clips, they may organize group sharing sessions or community meetings. Ultimately, we are seeking creatively designed, projects aimed at wide audiences that can launch quickly to capture these memories before they begin to recede too far into the past.

Final Products – Applicants may propose creative means of reaching the funding objective – there is no one project type prescribed by HumanitiesDC for documenting stories from the frontlines. However, all grant awards must result in the development of one or more final projects that HumanitiesDC can share back with the community digitally via the DC Digital Museum, the HumanitiesDC website, social media and/or other public platforms.

How to Apply:

The HumanitiesDC grants portal can be accessed at http://grantapplication.wdchumanities.org.  Please be sure to review the grant qualifications, terms and conditions for the program you are interested in before beginning an application. If you or your organization have applied for a HumanitiesDC grant before, please DO NOT create a new account. If you are having trouble accessing your existing account, please email Grants Manager, Andrea McNeil at amcneil@wdchumanities.org.

All HumanitiesDC grant applications are only accepted via an online grant portal. Applications must be successfully submitted by 11:59pm on the day of the deadline.

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