How to Apply

If you or your organization have applied for funding from HumanitiesDC in the past, please DO NOT create a new applicant profile. Use your organization’s existing login credentials. If you are not sure if you organization has an existing profile, please contact Jasper Collier at jcollier@wdchumanities.org or 202-387-8391.

Note that applicants to this opportunity are not required to represent a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you have an EIN number, please enter it in the appropriate field in the registration form. If you do not have an EIN number input 11-11111 as a placeholder.

Application Portal

How is this opportunity different from a standard HumanitiesDC grant?

  1. Applicants do not have to represent 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Projects conducted by individuals or for-profit entities must select a responsible party to sign, and be liable for upholding, the grant conditions document.
  2. Organizations with open HumanitiesDC grants may still apply for a DCOHC partnership grant. Any oral history project supported through the DCOHC must be clearly distinct from a project already supported by an open HumanitiesDC grant.
  3. The DCOHC funding opportunity supports a partnership between the Collaborative and the funded entity. The DCOHC will work with all funded projects, throughout the grant period, to ensure their use of best practices and to facilitate public communications efforts.
  4. The DCOHC funding opportunity does not require a “Humanities Scholar” as a separate role. Applications may be strengthened if they show engagement by a humanities professional, but scholars working with the DCOHC will provide advice and support to every project.