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This opportunity provides financial and capacity-building resources to community organizations and individuals (“partners”) interested in conducting oral history projects. Potential projects may focus on: neighborhoods, social organizations, political history, labor, faith-based groups, cultural trends, historic events, or other themes that lend themselves to oral history as a tool for research and preservation.

Project Period

This opportunity is for projects conducted between [X-X].

Award Amount

Applicants may request up to $6,000 depending on the scope of their projects.


All proposals must be received by [X].


Successful applications will propose projects that explore Washington, DC’s life, history and culture through interviews with the people who have lived it. Projects should have a theme, focus, or research question they aim to illuminate, and should commit to interviewing at least five people. The final product for each project will be a set of well documented recordings accompanied by transcripts and any legal forms necessary for inclusion in the DC Oral History Collaborative repository.

Refer to our qualifications page for full eligibility details, including qualifying questions, required roles, and grant-specific definitions.

Additional Requirements & Information

Selected partners will be required to attend a three-session Oral History training workshop, and will work in conjunction with staff and consultants from the DC Oral History Collaborative throughout the course of their projects.

  1. All partnership projects will be supported by a professional oral historian contracted by the DC Oral History Collaborative. This consultant will be responsible for providing support and advice to project directors as well as ensuring that all project work is progressing smoothly.
  2. The oral history consultant will schedule several required check-in sessions with partnership project directors over the course of the project period.
  3. All partnership projects must participate in joint marketing and communications campaigns in support of the DC Oral History Collaborative during the grant period.


  1. No member of, nor delegate to Congress, Mayor, or City Council member, nor officer nor employee of the District, nor officer nor employee of the DC Public Library may benefit financially from a partnership grant.
  2. Awardees agree to document all grant expenditures and provide a final report at the end of the project period using forms provided by HumanitiesDC.
  3. Awarded applicants will receive 80% of the full amount of the grant upon their signature of the partnership agreement document. The remaining 20% will be paid no later than [X] after successful completion of a standard set of grantee milestones. All grant funds must be expended before [X].
  4. Any changes to the scope or budget of a partnership project must be communicated to HumanitiesDC in writing.
  5. Awarded applicants will sign grant conditions that constitute a legally binding contract between HumanitiesDC and the applicant’s sponsoring organization or a designated responsible party. The organization or responsible party will be legally obligated to complete the project under the terms of the grant conditions.
  6. 100% of awarded grant funds must be applied to direct program costs. This may include salary, consulting fees, and/or honoraria for individuals working on the project, but cannot include indirect costs, overhead, rent, utilities, or administrative fees.
  7. All final products collected as part of this partnership grant opportunity will be collected by the DC Oral History Collaborative and made available to the DC Public Library for accession to their Special Collections. Awarded grantees will retain the shared rights with the DCOHC and the DCPL to retain copies, publicly distribute, and publish derivative works based on the materials they collect.
Agreement Form

Selected Recipients Announced

Partnership proposals will be reviewed in February, and selected projects will be announced in March.


Project Manager: Anna Kaplan, Consulting Oral Historian
Community Engagement: Maggie Lemere, Consulting Oral Historian


The DC Oral History Collaborative is a partnership of: