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Do you have questions about applying for a HumanitiesDC grant? Please review the Request for Proposal (RFP) and the FAQ document for the specific grant you would like to apply. (Note: The FAQ document will be updated by February 22, 2022 with responses to any questions received before then). Still have questions? Sign up for a 20-minute “office hours” session with HumanitiesDC grants staff. Click HERE to schedule virtual office hours.

Washington, DC, as we know it today, has a treasured cultural legacy that spans generations. HumanitiesDC is committed to supporting projects that breathe life into the unique stories of our rich communities. to help us with this mission HumanitiesDC is seeking qualified partners for its DC DOCS program.

DC DOCS provides financial and capacity building resources to established filmmakers interested in telling a humanities story about Washington, DC through a documentary feature or short film. Proposals will describe the film project in detail including: the story summary, topic summary, project stage and timeline, marketing strategy, and budget. Proposals should also provide a detailed plan for public programming, including an approach to marketing and evaluating the public program.

DC DOCS grants are driven by the final film’s inclusion as a part of an online archive and a public showcase. One of the many things that makes HumanitiesDC’s grant programs unique is the close partnership awarded grantees forge with HumanitiesDC grants officers to ensure that their projects result in an academically authoritative, technically polished final products that will be of continued benefit to students, researchers, and the residents of Washington, DC as part of the DC Digital Museum, a permanent digital archive administered by HumanitiesDC.


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This award is granted with funds from the Washington, DC government via the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Humanities Grant Program.