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Meet the narrators from the “Over the River and Through the Woods: Longtime Residents and Parklands of Ward 8” Oral History Project.

Moderated by Garret White

Panelists: Brenda Richardson, Dee Johnson, Raymond Coates

Music performance from Luci Murphy.

In 2020, Ward 8 Woods Conservancy, launched an oral history initiative aimed at exploring questions like:

“What does the “disfavor” of a Black community actually look and sound like?” and

“What do service disparities look like east of the Anacostia River?”

Their project seeks to encourage a new generation of DC residents to explore the city’s urban forests, and to examine the intersection of ecological harm, systems of racial oppression, and the psychological wounding caused by the status quo.

Through the “Over the River and Through the Woods” oral history project, April’s DC Oral History Collaborative Coffee Chat will examine how systemic racism has been a source of pollution as devastating as any other; a contamination that is in dire need of our attention. Participants will hear from lifelong, Black Washingtonians who will discuss how violent legacies of neglect and multigenerational poverty produce trauma in the human mind and the Earth simultaneously.

Join us April 30th to learn about the mental health benefits of DC’s park and forest spaces and ways YOU can reclaim compassion for yourself by caring for the life around you.

The “Over the River and Through the Woods” oral history project was conducted as part of the DC Oral History Collaborative and is available in the DC Public Library’s People’s Archive via the DigDC online catalog https://digdc.dclibrary.org/.

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