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“Black Land Loss in Washington: Memories of the Past, Hopes for the Future”

  • Dr. Amanda Huron, Project Director and Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at UDC
  • Corey Shaw, Project Researcher and UDC Political Science major

“Project Harmony Cemetery”

  • Lex Musta, Project Director for History, Arts, & Science Action Network
  • Members of the descendant community

Moderator: Dr. Donald Earl Collins, Freelance Writer and Lecturer of History and American Studies at American University

The humanities not only document and uncover the past, they can help address past wrongs. This discussion brings together two DC projects that do just that. Black Land Loss in Washington engages UDC students in bringing more attention to the story of the city forcing George Pointer’s family from their land in Chevy Chase, DC, to make way for the historically white Lafayette Elementary School and Lafayette Park. As part of this process, students interviewed descendants and facilitated a conversation about how they would like the city and neighborhood to address this past. Project Harmony Cemetery confronts the removal and discarding of one of DC’s first cemeteries for free Blacks to make way for development, including the Rhode Island Metro Station. This project recovers headstones from the banks of the Potomac River in Virginia, restores them, reunites them with the appropriate remains in Maryland, and supports the community of descendants working toward reparative justice and education about this history. Join us for a discussion, moderated by Dr. Collins, about these histories and how the projects use humanities to confront the past, reshape the present, and inform the future.

This program is free; registration is required. Registration ends at 5pm on September 13, 2021.

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