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This Humanitini will explore how contemporary poets are documenting, articulating, and complicating LGBTQ+ identity and experience.

How are contemporary poets documenting, articulating, and complicating LGBTQ+ identity and experiences? How do these poets and audiences come together in the context of rapidly disappearing LGBTQ+-centered spaces? How are contemporary poets relating to LGBTQ+ poetic forbearers, histories, and places and spaces in DC?

Join Taylor Johnson, Kim Roberts, Malik Thompson, and Regie Cabico, four poets who are deeply connected to DC as writers, historians, and organizers, in a conversation facilitated by public humanist Tyler French around these questions. Panelists will explore how the city and its histories of LGBTQ+ life fuel their poetry, reflecting on how their work enters public life and how that has changed over time, both in terms of poetic styles and forms and also the places and spaces in which they share their work. Attendees will also be invited to join into the conversation with their own questions.

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