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A Humanitini Panel event curated by Dr. Jessica & sponsored by HumanitiesDC

DC’s go-go rhythms contain a rich source of community wisdom, evolutionary history, music & culture criticism, social justice learning, and even scientific scholarship that is ripe for collaborative discussion. This event, “DC’s Go-go rhythms: a source of brain growth and community connection”, will examine the role of go-go rhythms in children’s brain development, healing and community building. This will be done through an exposition and conversation with three leaders in go-go scholarship, education and performance, and music neuroscience and music programming for children and organizations in DC. Curator Dr. Jessica Phillips-Silver is an expert on music and the brain, and artistic creator of the children’s production, Finding Rhythm: A journey through the musical brain. Dr. Jessica will be joined by Dr. Natalie Hopkinson is a professor, expert on arts culture & criticism, and co-founder of the #DontMuteDC Movement; and Cam Poles, a musician/writer, Creative Director of Black Alley Band, activist and expert on creative work and social justice.

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