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Join an exciting virtual panel of young creatives and activists as they discuss their involvement in local and global movements.

About this event
In the social movements of the recent past, youth artist-activists in the District of Columbia have had a profound influence on the bending of the arc of justice. Due to the District’s unique role as the nation’s capital, protests – many led by young people from DC – and their artistic contributions have a dual impact: these young activists’ endeavors comment on local challenges in the District (housing, violence, education, homelessness, and more) while also standing on the front lines of global movements and appearing in national media – all right here in their own community.

Stemming from a body of research at the intersection of youth, art, and justice, this event will engage a panel of DC’s youth artist-activists and their adult allies. The panel will explore the strengths, challenges, and impacts of social justice movements of the recent past, primarily centering on creative and artistic contributions that have codified substantive local – and, often national – change.

This program was created and will be moderated by Humanitini Curator Grant Recipient, Jordan Campbell. Panelists include Fly Zyah, Lauryn Renford, Jonathan B. Tucker, and Jade Jones.

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