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Since 2008, Culture Capital has promoted and informed the public of the best of performing arts, visual arts, humanities and educational events of over 300 arts and cultural organizations in the Washington, DC and surrounding metropolitan area.  Your continued interest has helped make Culture Capital successful and we are grateful for your support.

When the pandemic hit a year ago, arts and cultural organizations cancelled in-person events and started offering more virtual events. As a result of health restrictions, the number of events occurring and being submitted to Culture Capital dramatically dopped. As the nation continues to deal with the pandemic, the valuable resource that so many of you have found Culture Capital to be, has temporarily diminished. Our site visitors and sponsors are as enthusiastic as ever, and yet, the reality of the pandemic looks to be with us for an unknown time.

Due to these extraordinary circumstances, Culture Capital will continue its commitments to current sponsors by posting their events. Culture Capital will be on hiatus and wait until the time when the committed arts and humanities public are safe to attend the incredible variety of programs that the DC metropolitan area will continue to offer.

On behalf of the Culture Capital, we thank you for your continued support and understanding. For any inquiries, please contact

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