The Story of ‘Us’: Inspired by Destiny

This is our #anniversary week and I’m reflecting on our vows and our wedding ceremony in our row home in Petworth Washington DC. It’s was absolutely magical. We’ve worked so hard on this house and we have so many memories here. I can’t wait to make more and to see what the new year brings. I’m already planning more projects.

I purchased this house in 2005 using what was my lifesavings to cash in on a dream to be a homeowner in DC. I had no idea how significant that would become. As a single woman with limited means, I was outbided multiple times for other properties by investors, couples, and people that were more savvy with more resources. The place was a dump but it had so much potential and I loved it. More importantly it was mine! Everyone thought I was crazy. I was reminded of how crazy I was often. Over the years, I’ve added bathrooms, added air conditioning (no one dared to visit in the summer), converted from oil heat, remodeled the kitchen and basement, and completed countless maintenance repairs. I was literally living in a construction zone for many years. I had no idea I was preparing a space for my family. I thought I was simply building equity. Honey, I had given up on getting married or having kids. That’s another post though.

One of the first things I found in this house, which is 101 years old, is a photo album in the attic. The album is of a wedding ceremony in a similar house. I don’t know who the people are, when the pictures were taken,or who the album belongs too. I don’t know where the pictures were taken. I’ve traced their faces with my fingers wondering who they were, fascinated by their beauty. I mean they are amazing. These pictures capture a snapshot of their lives. They are simply beautiful, stunning, regal, and inspirational. These photos were the styling inspiration for our small wedding ceremony. Sometimes I believe in destiny. I believe this house was supposed to be mine and I was suppose to fix it up and I was supposed to find that album. Their photos were meant to be found and they were meant to inspire.

Wedding photo from a book found in the attic of our Petworth rowhouse and our wedding in 2020

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