Our House is a Party

Three roommates sit play “Secret Hitler” game at kitchen table.

I moved into the Green Elephant group house in early April, just as the pandemic began wreaking havoc in DC. I was greeted by only two people in a big empty house. By August, the rest of our inhabitants had either returned from their two week pandemic exodus, or subleased their rooms to new people.

When seven people occupy your house, it doesn’t take much for an evening to become an event. While others express frustration about lost nights at the bar or clubbing on weekends, my house has embraced karaoke nights and murder mystery dinners. Once a month, we gather together for a self-care session, nacho night, Gingerbread house contest, movie night, or bonfire.

It’s also been interesting navigating a post COVID working world—we have a split between work-from-home jobs and service/childcare workers. In the early days, we all had to balance our expectations with the reality that some of our incomes depended on the risk of bringing the virus into the house. We adopted the motto: “if you feel safe, I feel safe.”

This year, I’ve learned a lot about trust, found family, and turning the negative into something positive. I know that I am incredibly lucky to be living with people who care and support each other. It’s been really nice having a party outside my door…

Three roommates sit around the bonfire in the backyard.

Prince Charming and Little Red Riding Hood play the game “Ninja.”

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