Lockdown Series

Like all of us, the pandemic took me by surprise. From one day to the next, I lost my job as a teacher, had plans canceled and projects left unfinished. Worst of all: a personal health emergency. I was sick for something like two weeks in March, and my wife too. In my fevered dreams I saw the virus as a huge red ball with tentacles and eyes that raked and harried everyone on the street. I imagined virus organisms floating in my room by the hundreds. I panicked at the sight of my wife’s suffering. Fortunately, we had only a mild infection, though we were not saved from the loss of smell and taste. We were feverish with an all-encompassing heavy feeling of discomfort. One morning after quarantining for months, I got up, opened my computer screen, and began drawing my version of the virus. Since then, it’s been a productive time for me, producing the attached images that have seemingly emerged directly from my subconscious. In the attached series, entitled “Lockdown,” is new and unexpected project comprised of digital prints and short e-poems.

Throughout my artistic career, my work has always reflected current events that touch me personally. This new series is exemplary of my approach to artmaking. The works included in “Lockdown” are portraits and self-portraits. Like postcards from the pandemic or a testament. Moments of fear of contagion. Times of loneliness and isolation. Mistrust. But also times of love and solidarity. “Lockdown” depicts a Washington DC under siege by an infinitesimal enemy.

For more from Alberto Roblest, visit: www.torrevisual.com.

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Alberto Roblest

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Columbia Heights / 1 / 20009

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May - August

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